Pinhole Camera Shutter Kit for Copal 0 Lens Plates

4 990 Ft

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Pinhole camera shutter kit for Copal 0 lens plates.


  • fits in Copal 0 lens plate (diameter: 61mm)
  • pinhole can be change without disassembling
  • can be used by hand and by shutter release cable


  • base plate
  • middle plate
  • front plate
  • shutter
  • retaining ring
  • M3 screws

Note: rubber band, shutter release cable and pinhole not included.

Tip: if you want absolute light tightness, put black insulating tape on the back of the base plate and the shutter before install them.

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 15 mm

Brett Stevens, Gábor Baráth


Metal, PLA Advanced


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